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Most Romantic Restaurants in Los Angeles

Perfect romantic moments don’t just happen in the movies. In Los Angeles, the stage is set for you and your loved one to create your own magical moments. All you need to create your own movie romance are the proper location, the right props, and the stars: yourselves.

Il Cielo Restaurant (9018 Burton Way, Beverly Hills) is the kind of place where engagements happen. The courtyard is twinkling with tiny lights and festooned with twining vines. The lights that will really sparkle will be the ones in your eyes. Call ahead if it’s a special event, and the management will treat you and your beloved like royalty. Over a dessert of creme brulee with real candied rose petals, if you’re not yet in love: you will be.

Bistro Garden at Coldwater (12950 Ventura Blvd., Studio City) is a setting so special that some couples aren’t content to just eat there: they’ve had their wedding there! Marble, spectacularly high ceilings lush trees, crystal chandeliers and a decadent French menu make this a place you’ll tell your grandchildren about. You’ll feel like Audrey Hepburn. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be raising kids with the man who brings you here.

For a sexier spot, Bar Chloe (1449 2nd St., Santa Monica) is a find. There’s no sign, so you’ll feel like an insider when you get to this bar that has glamour just pouring out of it. An old-world Parisian decor is tempered by the sultry modern music (think Mick Jagger growling “Wild Horses”) for a combination that will get the two of you in the mood. Have cocktails here and then skip dinner. You’ll be wanting to be alone together the first chance you get.

When you’re too in love to want to be around other people, book a room at the Chateau Marmont (8221 Sunset Blvd.) and make the rest of the world go away. You’ll feel singularly special knowing that every room is completely different. Conde Nast says that the hotel, high above Sunset Boulevard, is “as closely associated with glamour as a hotel can be.” Book a room here for the honeymoon that’s sure to come soon after you visit these other gorgeous locales with your sweetheart.

Are you in the mood? Book a reservation now, grab your love-bunny and make some sparks!